About Athens Private Investigators

Athens private investigators are private investigation group offering its private investigation services all over the Athens & internationally to the legal and insurance sectors, corporate clients and the general public. We specialize in corporate investigations, IP investigations, insurance investigations, and verification & background investigations, skip tracing services in which we achieve best results many of the major services. Most of our associates are former high level law enforcement officials defence personals working in-country with us. Most of our clients are law firms, large corporations, financial investment firms & insurance companies.

Our Private Investigation services include:

Athens Private Investigators are providing comprehensive investigative and intelligence services in all regions of Greece including all major cities viz. Thessaloniki, Patrai, Peristerion, Iraklion, Larisa, Kallithea, Nikaia, Kalamaria, Volos, Akharnai, Keratsinion, Nea Smirni, Khalandrion, Aigaleo. Our each enquiry will be dealt with in a discreet, sensitive and understanding manner. Our investigators are experts in getting swift results and we prioritise each assignment with skill, confidentiality, compassion, and offer the professionalism that our clients require in these often delicate situations. For further discussion about our private investigation services for your requirement respectively kindly contact us on info@greeceprivateinvestigators.com

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